How to make stock with a pressure cooker

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You can make a very rich stock from chicken or any other meat. Many people discard chicken parts that can be used to make stock. It takes only an hour to prepare the stock. Homemade stock is very delicious. You can make the stock using a pressure cooker. There are very simple steps that you can follow to make stock.

Roasting the bones or meat before stock making is energy, time and flavor consuming. Most liquid and juice evaporates which you need to incorporate in your stock. You can make the bones and meat brown in the pressure cooker, before adding vegetables and boiling. This gives better results than roasting. It takes approximately seven minutes.

No need to chop vegetables and onions. Whole vegetables are easy to take out. This keeps the stock clear of the veggies. By leaving the skin of onions, will give the stock color and its richness.

You may not need to skim fat. By skimming the fat and scum for an hour is time consuming. It comes to the top of the broth. You can achieve this by letting the broth to cool and put it in a fridge for ten hours. This will give you a good layer at the top. Fat will come to the top when chilled. This takes less than five minutes.

Use of acidic ingredients. The acidic ingredients will add flavor and extract more cartilage and collagen from the bones. This makes the soup nutritious. You can use a tomato and lemon juice or vinegar.

If you are making chicken stock, you may need some equipments and ingredients.


· Chicken parts.

· 2 carrots, chop them to stalks

· 1 onion

· 1 tomato,cut it into two

· Parsley, fresh and whole

· Thyme, whole and fresh

· Seasalt, desired quantity

· Enough water


· Large mixing bowl or a strainer.


Wash the veggies.

Preheat the cooker for three minutes, add a little amount of oil. Add the chicken parts and make them brown. Turn the parts and bones after six to ten minutes. Add the carrots, tomato, thyme and parsley and then salt. Add water to cover the ingredients.

Cook for about thirty minutes if you are using electric pressure cookers. Unplug the pressure cooker and open it when pressure has gone down.

Use the strainer to pour out the stock into a large bowl and let the mixture to cool to remove the ingredients and any other chicken part remaining. Set the ingredients aside to use them with the broth. You can eat them with fresh veggies.

Let the stock cool before covering it with a plastic wrapper and refrigerate. Take the stock out after eight hours, use a spoon to remove all fat and scum. If the fat was less it may not solidify, remove the layer with a paper towel.

You can use the stock as it is or dilute with water. It can be refrigerated for three days or kept in a freezer for three months. Buy the best pressure cooker using this pressure cooker reviews website.

Healthy ways of cooking

Five Most Popular Air Fryer Brands

Among all the techniques of cooking, deep frying would be thought of as a savior for food. The best among the known great deep fryers is the Waring Pro 280 Professional. This affordable deep fryer is popular for its effectiveness in performance. Deep frying involves the use of a lot of oil which is not healthy to human beings and therefore there is a need to deep fry food in ways that facilitate health. The best turkey fryer helps you to cook the best turkey for the thanksgiving.

Here are some of the great ways you can ensure healthy cooking in a fryer;

1. Do it personally

When you do the cooking yourself you will certainly know the actual ingredients or whatever is going into the food being cooked. You are in charge and control of the ingredients quality. Moreover, there is surely a lot that an individual can make and that means that there is a limitation that is natural on how much an individual can indulge.

2. Use correct temps

In frying, the temperature really needs to be (just right). If it is too, cool food is probably going to soak up excessive amounts of oil which make it super greasy. If it is too, the oil is able to start breaking down and releasing the nasty’s into the food. It is highly recommended to invest in an effective good digital thermometer to be for the kitchen. It may be used for many activities e.g., testing of meat for denseness, to deep frying, used in the making of yogurt as well as checking the temperature of Fergal’s bottle.

3. Fry healthy ingredients
it is a popular way

y of making fried foods as well as more healthy! Even though we make homemade potato fries often, ingredients such as the wicked onion ring, and vegetables are indeed healthy.

4. Use fresh oil

when oil is exposed more to high temperatures; it breaks down more readily and releases the free radicals into food. This is another reason to avoid the local joint for taking away at home.
Use of fresh oil does make deep frying a little more expensive, but for health purpose, it is a price one should be willing to pay.

4. Use good oil

Oils have the stability which is different and it varies with the difference oils at higher temperatures. Also known as smoke point’. Primarily, the higher the smoke point is the more stable the oil and in turn the better and it is more suited to cooking at temperatures that are high. That means fewer nasties’ released into the food being consumed.
A good example of great oil to use is the Bran oil since it is available readily and affordable in many areas and it has got a high smoke point.


It is very important to know how to cook healthy when frying. Ingredients such as onion rings, chicken, contribute to a delicious fried food. Fried foods are not on a list of healthy eats, but they can be made healthy for individuals. If you want to read good deep fryer reviews, find more here.