How organic food can enhance your life


Organic foods are those grown without pesticides, chemical enhancements, and other harmful products. Instead of pesticides, organic gardens use helping insects such as lady bugs to control insects. In the place of chemical fertilizers, they use natural fertilizers such as compost. Nutritionists affirm that organic foods contain 50% more vitamins, nutrients, and minerals than commercial ones. The foods can enhance your life in various ways:

1. Healthy Cell Regeneration

Your body is in a continuous state of regeneration. In the next one year, your every cell will be dead and gone. Your bones, skin, muscles, organs and even cells and atoms making your DNA are in a continuous state of regeneration and degeneration. Diseased cells in cancer and tumor are dead and gone within 14 months. Eating organic foods not only results to high quality cell regeneration but is imperative in replacing diseased ones.

2. Reduce the Risk to Serious Illnesses

Research shows that 95% of diseases are environmental. We bring it to ourselves by eating unhealthy and weakening our immune system. Cancer, a deadly killer is 60% environmentally inflicted. Organically grown vegetables and fruits not have an enormous percentage of antioxidants (instrumental in flushing toxins out of your system) but have beta-carotene and ascorbic acids, that helps in prevention of cancer.

3. Better Taste

Many people love junks because the high amounts of sugar in them make them taste better. However, sweet is poison. These bits of sweet leads them to an early grave. In the past (before 1940s), people used lived longer because they ate organic. Just because the food is organic doesn’t necessarily mean it has a disgusting taste. Some people confess that organic foods taste better than non-organic ones. This is true.

As earlier stated, organic foods produce excessive amounts of antioxidants. In addition, they produce essential nutrients such as phytochemicals making them have a juicy, sweet flavor. By eating organic, you not only enjoy the rich taste but you are assured of a prolonged, productive and healthy life.

4. Less Allergic

Food allergies is a growing concern. The reason for the prevalence is partly because people have neglected traditional farming methods- which was more organic and adopted unhealthy techniques. Anaphylaxis- a whole-body severe reaction to food is much more common these days. It results to impaired breathing and a dramatic loss in blood pressure. By eating organic, you protect yourself and your children from anaphylaxis and food allergies in general.

5. Antibiotic Resistance

Getting vaccinated and taking various antibiotics goes a long way in helping one stay healthy. Some feed houses and livestock also use antibiotics. The extra dose of antibiotics as found in non-organic foods weakens the immune system by reshaping it multiple times thus making you susceptible to infections. Organic dairy farmers and growers rarely use antibiotics. Eating organic foods will, therefore, ensure your immune system remains strong.

6. Improves Your Digestion

Clean eating goes a long way in reducing digestion related complications. You can achieve it by cutting away junk and eating organic foods such as whole grain, vegetable and fruits.

It is now evident that organic foods have numerous benefits. However, they can be slightly costly as they rarely use preservatives and their costs of production (or growing them) is slightly higher. However, it would be unwise to let their cost put you off. What is the cost of cancer? What is the cost of heart complications?